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Unilak-MPM International Foundation Agency (UMIFA) OUR VISION & MISSION


The main objective “HELP THE HELPLESS –  FOR A BETTER WORLD ”   


Rhyme: Little drops of water and little grains of sand: Make a mighty ocean – and a pleasant land (Collective help can – make a wonderful world!)

Key issues of the world we "SEE"  as below and attend to them with :

Social  development

Economic development

Environmental protection


Functional Unit of the Society is the "Family". We focus in helping helpless families. By focusing in family units - we help infants, children, adults and elderly in need. This approach help us to understand underlying issues that we can modify our help and escalate matters to relevant authorities. Social Development - Help to make a better world !


Poverty - is the key enemy of the society! Poverty is the key culprit of Hunger, Poor clothing, poor education due to many factors of unaffordability , teenage pregnancies and many more issues of the society. By working with "family units" we get a better understanding of their key issues. We involve men and women in domestic or community industries that give them a continuous income. Better finances resolve many related social issues. Hence Economic Development - Help to make a better world !


There are more and more natural disasters and related illnesses causing loss of lives in the current era. Polution of environment cause disruption of "natural cycles of the enviorenment" that keep the balance. Global warming is a direct result of such disbalance. There is a growing need for food ,clean water, clean air, housing and energy with rapid growth of world population. There is an urgent need for "intelligent investment" to fullfill essential needs of growing population while saving enviorenment. Hence "ENVIORENMENT PROTECTION" is of paramount importance - to Help make a better world!